Risen ministries

Risen Kids Ministry

We believe that Scripture is clear that parents are the primary teachers in making disciples of their children. Our hope at Risen Kids is to play a complementary role with parents in helping raise the next generation of Christ-followers. Risen Church invests in our children through engaging curriculum and helpful resources that focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Risen Church values guiding our children to know Christ more through Biblical teaching that demonstrates the importance of prayer, Bible reading, and understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer by equipping, empowering, and instructing them. Risen Church values our children and places an emphasis on offering opportunities for families to worship and grow in their faith together.

Risen Youth Ministry

At Risen Church our desire is to play a complementary role alongside parents in helping equip our Risen Youth by investing in teaching and discipling them in what the Bible teaches is a life lived in obedience to Jesus Christ as our Savior. Many of today’s youth have questions about belonging, their purpose, and better understanding God’s plan for their lives. Risen Youth aims to provide Biblical answers to these question through Biblical teaching. Risen Youth desires to teach our youth the value of studying God’s Word in order to gain Biblical discernment and Godly wisdom to better understand and decipher the many complex issues facing our young people today.

Risen Church’s adult ministries offer multiple opportunities to grow in our faith while also developing friendship, connection and community for individuals at various stages in life. Whether you're married or single, a parent or an empty nester, Risen Church desires to allow you to find a place to belong, to grow deeper in your faith, and to serve Christ and others. Our vision at Risen Church is for believers to live a life centered around an obedient and passionate pursuit of an extraordinary God.

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